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Tortoises and turtles. “What’s the difference?” Many people will ask. To some tortoises and turtles are two in the same, to others there is very keen differences between the two. Granted they may look the same, and may have only a few differences but they are there. One major difference is their habitats. Turtles love water so they live in it. Tortoises on the other hand try to stay away from water as much as possible, and tend to live in dryer regions. Because of the different habitats they look much different too. Turtles have webbed feet and a flatter shell. Tortoise have stubby feet and a domed shell. They also have very different diets as well. Turtles are omnivores since there is an abundance of both meat and vegetation in their habitats. Tortoises are largely herbivores, only a few species eat different types of insects.

I am Dalton. I am a 16-year-old currently enrolled in college, I already have an associate degree and I am working to my masters. Outside of college I wanted something more to do, so I had the idea to start this website. Buying my first few tortoises also gave me the idea to start the website. I plan to spread my knowledge of tortoises to others who plan to buy a tortoise in the hopes of properly caring for them.

Here on TortoisePimp.com we plan on giving new tortoise owners have an easy access point for knowledge on the caretaking of a tortoise. In this site, we give the diet for various species of tortoises. We also give the proper habitat for the tortoises and more.

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