Tortoise Rescue in the Palm Desert

American Tortoise Rescue is an international animal rescue organization devoted to the conservation, recovery, rescue and rehabilitation of all tortoise species, as well as their natural habitats. Founded in Malibu, California, ATR has been rescuing and rehabilitating poor, neglected and abused tortoises (tortoise species) for over 35 years. They are also dedicated to promoting community education and conservation with the mission to create a better future for tortoises, turtles and other wildlife species across the world.

The mainstay of the organization is the Tortoise Rescue & Rehabilitation Center located in Malibu. The center houses and provides shelter, food and medical care to rescued tortoises and tortoise eggs, while ensuring that these animals continue to thrive and grow into healthy, disease-free adults. As a hub for research, education and outreach, the center runs a breeding facility and runs a turtle adoption center. In addition to housing the turtles and tortoises, the center runs educational programs and hands out educational brochures and information to visitors and to those who are interested in helping. The center runs special programs that focus on the needs of juvenile turtles and tortoises, such as when they are born and during their critical phases at the time of being rescued. They strive to work with local schools to educate kids about the importance of rescuing turtles.

The Malibu location of the center is home to many rescued tortoise and freshwater turtles. It is not uncommon to see many turtles huddled together in a burrowing area of a large, earth mound. These turtles have been rescued from all over the world, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, Madagascar, Africa and more. Their journeys have been either captivity or lost. Most have never been seen again.

The turtle rescue group works closely with the California State Parks Services and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to care for the turtles and tortoises in their care. The turtles can be found in all four Malibu locations and in various stages of health. There are at least 10 turtles in all. When you visit the Malibu locations, the staff will likely attempt to show you a few of the tortoises in their care, including the female, which is the only one in the entire facility.

One of the best parts of visiting the Malibu locations is the opportunity to help feed the turtles. Hundreds of pairs of tortoises lay eggs in the desert each year. These eggs are beautifully colored and offer unusual vitamin D3 supplements, which are important for the development of the tiny reptiles. Once the eggs have hatched, the chicks walk out into the desert to begin their journey toward a new life. Many of the desert tortoises at the Malibu Sanctuary were rescued from a beach over seven miles away.

There is nothing quite like knowing that you helped save an adorable little creature that needs a chance at a good life. When you visit the Malibu location, you will not just see turtles in the same situation as those in the adoption center. You will also see rare pink and black painted tortoises. Both these colors are rare, so you will be seeing a very unique animal when you take your camera or a digital still camera home with you. The staff at the sanctuary will make sure that you feel special throughout the process of helping the turtles and tortoises feel secure and comfortable in their new habitat.
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