What To Feed Your Tortoise To Keep Them Healthy

Tortoise Eating Flowers

Have you ever wondered what  tortoises eat? Wonder no more! Tortoises eat both vegetables and meat. This is why they are called omnivores. Due to this it is recommended that they eat a diet with a blend of both.  Tortoises enjoy vegetables, grass, and plants. Some also like to eat bugs and other ocean animals.

A tortoise needs proper, healthy nutrition to survive. Several nutritional requirements need to be met when it comes to what a tortoise eats. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to provide its nutritional needs.

It’s important know that tortoises comes in various species and every species differs regarding the nutritional value that it needs. One way to determine what kinds of food items a tortoise may eat is to know about  its natural habitat. Just remember that almost all of the tortoises are herbivores. Since they are herbivores, they only eat fruits and vegetables. Good examples of these herbivore tortoises are the Pancake tortoise from East Africa and the Red Foot from Southwestern America. The former eats selective fruits, green vegetables, and grasses. The latter eats sweet fruits like grapes, melons, and mangoes. It even consumes flowers like nasturtiums, hibiscus, and rose blossoms.

Another important thing to consider when talking about the nutritional needs of a tortoise is its age. Older tortoises don’t need the higher amount of protein from their foods, while younger and still growing ones should fed with a considerable amount of protein-rich food items.

The general health status of a tortoise must also considered. Keep in mind that there are food items that may worsen the condition of your pet. An excellent example of food that may help a sick tortoise to recover faster is the iceberg lettuce. The higher water content of this vegetable will help it not to be dehydrated.

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