What’s Different in the Mazurri Tortoise Diet?

Mazuri Tortoiseshell owners John and Jane have been keeping tortoiseshells for close to forty years. They live in a large, Mediterranean style home with an attached garage. When they bought the home they had two male matures and one female. The couple’s son moved out after just a few months, so the mother decided to start a tortoise and hauling business.

When her first batch of mazuris showed up at the local pet shop, she knew right away that this was going to be a business she wanted to run full-time. Her tortoises ranged from four to 25 pounds, but she was surprised how well they tolerated being in a commercial environment like a pet store. Every morning she gets a fresh batch of greens, some cut vegetables, some alfalfa flakes, a little scoop of Mazuri Tortoise Diet, and a large tub of fresh Bermuda grass.

She includes baby green beans, some chopped apple flesh, peas, carrots, lettuce, and herbs like basil and parsley in her mature tortoise diet. She puts hay in the water trough and adds grit to make it a little more waterlogged. Each day she has another fresh greens recipe and some cut vegetables. It’s easy to make this diet work with other types of reptiles too, since she finds that alpacas, frostbites, and cichlids all eat a bit of it.

One of the things I like about Mazuri Torts is that you don’t need to make a huge mess. In fact, you probably won’t have to clean up much at all. There’s enough food for all the types of tortoises mentioned in the articles of several years. Cichlids love Galapagos torts as do turtles, so you can bet they’ll enjoy this type of mixed meat. Some people even feed green beans and onions to their birds!

If you’re feeding your pet Cichlids, be sure to check the pellets and flakes for husks or pods before you put them in the water or feed them any way. Some of these are filler or add-on foods and should only be used when you’re making a big change to your existing diet. Otherwise, opt for whole grains such as barley, wheat, or corn instead of corn flakes. Again, don’t overdo it with your tortoise diet, but it will be a healthier choice than the typical commercial pellet bird foods that we’re all familiar with.

There was a post about the new Zebra Bill, the first non-cage-type tortoise to join the Mazurri hatchlings in the aquarium. This small male became a champion biller later in his life, competing against the previously world record holder, which is Bill Murray. Here’s what happened: He was introduced to a new kind of diet consisting of ground corn flakes mixed with lemons and orange juice. While he didn’t eat the mixture as a starter, he did eat some of it every day. In his eighties, he became a leading pellet bird diver and held the world record for the largest number of fish caught in that manner.

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